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Basic Course


This format aims to offer a basic course series for beginners, focusing on a different organ each year. At ECIO 2020, the topic of this six-hour course will be Genitourinary and will feature three distinct sessions, structured by the content included in the new European Curriculum and Syllabus for IR. It will allow a limited number of participants to receive a comprehensive overview of the topic, from diagnostics, imaging, treatment and follow-up.

  • BC 503 – GU primer and adrenal disease
  • BC 1203 – Renal cancer ablation
  • BC 1903 – Prostate cancer

BC 503 – GU primer and adrenal disease

Monday, November 2, 17:00-19:00
Moderator: R.F. Grasso (Rome/IT)

503.1 Arterial and venous anatomy of the kidney and adrenal gland
L. Tselikas (Villejuif/FR)

503.2 Optimising renal embolisation after iatrogenic injury
T. Bryant (Southampton/UK)

503.3 Adrenal ablation: when and how?
R.F. Grasso (Rome/IT)

503.4 Urological bone metastases: when and how to treat?
F. Deschamps (Villejuif/FR)

503.5 Focal urological bone metastases: case for ablation versus SBRT
A.N. Kurup (Rochester, MN/US)

BC 1203 – Renal cancer ablation

Tuesday, November 3, 17:00-19:00
Moderator: D.J. Breen (Southampton/UK)

1203.1 Epidemiology: when to treat and when not to treat?
T.K. Nielsen (Aarhus/DK)

1203.2 Renal cancer biopsy: when and how best done?
T.M. Wah (Leeds/UK)

1203.3 Renal cancer ablation: optimal technique
D.J. Breen (Southampton/UK)

1203.4 Avoiding and managing complications
G.D. Schmit (Rochester, MN/US)

1203.5 Understanding the current outcome data compared to surgery
O. Graumann (Odense/DK)


BC 1903 – Prostate cancer

Wednesday, November 4, 17:00-19:00
Moderator: J.J. Fütterer (Nijmegen/NL)
1903.1 Scope of the problem and where IO can help
T. Dudderidge (Southampton/UK)

1903.2 Prostate anatomy: relevance to ablation
R.L. Cazzatto (Strasbourg/FR)

1903.3 Best ablation tools and image guidance
B.J. Wood (Bethesda/US)

1903.4 The case for MR-targeted biopsy and focal ablation
S. Jenniskens (Nijmegen/NL)

1903.5 MR-guided prostate cryoablation: the way to go?
J.J. Fütterer (Nijmegen/NL)


How to participate

Participation is free of charge, but places are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.